Friday, 10 October 2014


....Wednesday 15th October 2014...
A tiny delegation of well educated women; modest and intelligent will be welcomed into one of the most powerful rooms in the northern hemisphere. First is Mrs Rhobi Samwelly, mother of four kids, hailing from Butiama, Mara, Tanzania.
Mrs Rhobi Samwelly with High Commissioner's wife to the UK, Mrs Joyce Kallaghe at the fund raising evening, Central Hall, Westminster, last week. 

Butiama is legendary. Home of father of the nation, the late Mwalimu Nyerere. His widow, Mama Maria, is a staunch supporter of the cause and reason that has sent Mrs Rhobi Samwelly trekking to London.  By her side,  Ann-Marie Wilson, Executive Director of 28 Too Many, a London charity working to end female genital mutilation, i.e. FGM. Third shall be Comfort Momoh, a mid wife treating women affected by FGM at Guy’s Hospital, London.
The three are part of a large, complex chain of events and campaigns,   across the world.
 One of the events was steered by members of the Tanzania Development Trust Fund and British Tanzania Society - BTs,  Janet Chapman, Petronella Mwakatuma and Jonathan Pace with other colleagues.

Janet Chapman  with Jonathan Pace...who have dedicated  alot of time and effort to the fundraising events...

  In May and now October (2nd and 4th), fundraising concerts were held here in London to help build a safe house for young girls fleeing FGM in Mugumu, Mara.